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Top Ten Tips for planning a hen do

Have you been designated the role of organising a hen party, then there are ten top tips that will help you on the way to planning a night to remember.

Planning means that (fingers crossed) you have a stress-free hen do!

1 –Timing – Choose a day or a weekend that is at least one-week prior to the big day.

Money wise (and recovery time, no Bride wants to be hungover on her wedding day) it is good to have a period in-between the two big days.

Give people time to time to reply and save money, so send out a save the date card to the fellow hens, this will also hopefully avoid any date conflicts, allow people to book time of work if needed and arrange childcare.

2 – Home or Away – Decide whether you and the hens are staying local or going off on an adventure.

3 – Age Groups– Cater for all age groups, remember you will most likely have the Mother of the Bride, possibly the future mother in law, aunties, cousins and friends from all walks of life. Plan at least one activity that will appeal to everyone.

4 – Costs – Whether you decide to stay local or go away keep an eye on the costs, not everybody has a disposable income to spend on hen nights and or weekends.This is also the best time to organise how you and the hens are going to pay for everything, take deposits for everything that needs to be paid for in advance.

5 – Flexibility – Be as flexible as you can, offer the girls (and guys) that are attending the chance to opt in and out of activities.

6 – Travel – Organise all the travel from getting to the main venue and back again to getting to the activities. Include these costs into the overall cost for the whole night/weekend. Hitting your hens with extra costs for travel on the actual night may affect their overall enjoyment of the hen do.

7 – Communication –  Remember to communicate with all the hens involved. Get everyone’s email addresses, set up a Facebook event and/ or create a WhatsApp chat group.

8 – Dress Code – Whether it’s a weekend away of just a night on the town, every girl needs to know what the dress code for the party is, there is nothing worse than not looking the part. Have you decided on a theme, costumes etc?

9 – Venues – Are you staying at home or going abroad? Check out local listings for venues that cater for hen parties, remember that not all establishments will cater for large groups, always check ahead and pre-book to avoid any disappointment on the actual night.

10 – Activities – Plan activities ahead so that those that want to take part can, and remember you are catering for a range of peoples tastes and physical abilities!


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